Thursday, 21 April 2016

settling back in

It has been good to be back on the patch. The non-breeding 'winter' visitors have still be around and have helped to boost the yearlist to a healthy 74. Which makes for a nice and easy 74% since I set a target of 100 for the year just to make the maths easy.

After last year, when everything was new and unexpected, this year has shown that much of what was 'wow' last year is at least annual. Not to say that pittas are not still 'wow', and on one memorable day both hooded and blue-winged were within 100 metres of each other. But I won't be posting pictures and risking an early disqualification. Instead, here is a picture of a lupsup  (local term meaning trash bird) Asian brown flycatcher instead. Memorise and try to find one on a patch near you where it will be anything but lupsup.

In other news; the owls are still present and correct, Oriental pied hornbills are breeding and red-legged crakes are being elusive as usual (but are on the list). And a black spitting cobra added a little frisson to one day, although it was more interested in a swallowing a frog than in me.     

1 comment:

  1. Er, you don't get to set a target for year 2 chief! What was yer final score last year? That would be the 100% target for this year. Unless it was tiny, in which case add 500 species innit.

    Its not like you can just make up the rules as ya go along ya know - that's my job!