Monday, 17 October 2016

Wanstead relocates to east coast

Wanstead is the new Spurn, you read it here first.

- Ortolan Bunting in early September (been busy innit?) was a patch tick for everyone, including for those that called it a Corn Bunting. Luckily my strong work ethic allowed me to come out and verify it.

- Prize-winning alternative to above, a Yellow-browed Warbler did the decent thing and called its head off 2 days after I got off Shetland, naturally I was in the zone, and so can offer the below as proof. Whereas last year's bird wasn't deemed worthy of porcelain tat, this is a clear runner up to the Ortolan Bunting. Wot's the deal with coming first and second?

- Same day as YBW, 15 (count 'em is I believe the required etiquette) White-fronted Geese flew over whilst we were trying to refind the warbler. In the long run these will be rarer I reckon. First, second and third? Ooof.

- Ring Ouzels all over the place but they all count.

Now on 105 which is 94.03%. Still need another 7 species to hit 100% FFS. 6 if you ink in the inevitable Siberian Accentor now.


  1. Reckon yer on a sticky wicket with that ortolan bunt as you effectively twitched it innit. OK you re-ID'd it, but Old Snowy is for best find, not best re-ID. We'd half to have some kind of enquiry to see if it could be nominated....

    As for YBW, well, I'm afraid that they is 10-a-penny these days mate. Even Basil Faulty must have a chance of finding one on his inland dessert of a patch so as we can't risk him winning Old Snowy I don't fink its gonna get many votes (if you know what I mean).

    You might have a chance with the Y-Fronts tho...

  2. Well it can't be that pet Bonelli's that you release once a year on a plausible date....

  3. Released it on Cape this week & it caused a bit of a stir!

  4. Released it on Cape this week & it caused a bit of a stir!

  5. Sorry we didn't cross paths on Shetland this year. But Ortolan is cracking find. #snowy

  6. aye it is a good find, especially in Laaandaaan innit, but our esteemed collegue didn't actually find it, he twitched it having been informed that there was a corn bunting on patch. Hats off for the subsequent verification process, but Old Snowy is for best find, not best re-identification following a twitch!