Friday, 9 December 2016

So good, but not even a year tick...

Back on patch for a week before away for work, again.

Autumn migration is not over, although it more or less is for me. A few birds added to the year list brings me closer to the 100%, but not sure I will be able to find the two more species needed to break through. Seems the effort of last year - my first experience with the new patch - has been very similar to this year.

One of the species that was such a mind-fecker when I first found it on patch is now proving to be a regular migrant, certainly commoner than, grey heron. Still a mind-fecker. Nice to have hooded pitta a short walk away...

Maybe if I spent a whole year in Singapore instead of being away for six months I would do better. At least I would hope so...


  1. Hooded pitta would certainly be a shoe-in for Old Snowy if only the vote wasnt rigged hey?

  2. You wouldn't catch a snowy owl with any cop-on heading Singapore way... stands to reason. And what's that about vote-rigging? Shurly not? #squeekycleansep