Monday, 28 August 2017

Patch tick-a-roo!

Following  a tip of from the fleet footed Lachan (he has no pseudonym), we nipped up onto our patch earlier today to see a fine dotterel. Patch tick! Just a shame I didn't find it, rather than being beaten to it by some bloke out for a run. But its on the last - I'll update the score once I work out what it all means.


  1. Amazeballs! thats a cracker!

  2. With a name like Lachan guessing a pseudonym would be superfluous. And "what it means" is that I have to get off my arse and add my barn owl from a few weeks back and some other lamey patch gank year tick I'd forgotten about to the running total here on the blog. Duly done!

  3. Oh... nice dotterel by the way....