Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Odious warbler

Blundered into a hippo on Sunday morning - flew out of the Shite Lane sycamores and into the maize field, and that was that for the morning. By the afternoon the bird had returned to the trees and we were reckoning it was an icky. However, subsequent scrutineering of photicular material resulted in questions being raised over this ID, and its now reckoned to be a melodious warbler. Fair enuff, can't win them all, though personally, more time looking at the bird and less time trying futilely to get shots would have been a better way to go!

Here's a couple of shots courtesy of Old Spoons anyway, so you can make yer own minds up!

fat lumpish jizz etc
Still, its a good bird for Galley, even though we did our best to stuff it up! Spot Fly for the year too - Bonus!

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