Monday, 4 September 2017

What it all means

It has been a busy few weeks on the patch. The dotterel has perhaps been the highlight but a quick review of recent weeks identifies some other highlights including raven and peregrine. Barn owl was added a couple of weeks back as we sat on the sofa in our recording studio and one flew across the garden. Now that’s our kind of birding.

But this weekend highlights include a notable wader passage of curlew over the patch on Saturday followed by cormorant yesterday. This one was riding a thermal (who knew the did that!) It was only a matter of time before that one fell but it brings the patch list to a cracking 99, and my year’s total to 75, or 103.69%. Over the ton.


  1. Over the ton with 3+ months to go! Could this be the Year of the Prockies? Still, always did think it a bit unfair as there are two of you doing the one patch...

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  3. One patch, two musicians, eight eyes