Sunday, 22 October 2017

a dose of thrush

Its been good at Galley of late! Firecrests galore, with at least 6 (count 'em) knocking about, pied flycatcher, red-breasted flycatcher, yellow-browed warbler and, best of the lot, a rather fantastic looking Grey-cheeked Thrush, which Mr Faulty and myself managed to stumble into again today with the resultant award-winning shots (all basil's I may add)


Oooooof again

More ooooofage
Cracking bird - and delighted to get great views today after only 8 seconds on it in the p*ssing rain on thursday afternoon! Forgot to add that Grey-cheeked Thrush is of course a patch tick for me, which moves me up to 201  for Galley - first patch tick since Rosefinch 2 autumns ago I think! Awesome!

Amayzingly, Old Spoons found another Grey-cheeked Thrush on Rosscarbery pier on Friday - only about 5km away. What are de chances? Amazeballs!