Monday, 30 October 2017

Boghall strikes back

They say two eyes are better than one. Which means eight eyes are even better still. But it was the deployment of a the trusty Meopta S2 (similar to that pictured here) and one eye that really provided the goods this weekend. Having been inspired by a birdless trip to Gladhouse Reservoir, we headed out onto the patch with scope. We don't do this often but perhaps we should. Soon we had added mute swan (patch tick) and gannet to the list. More work delivered teal and lapwing just off the patch on a boggy patch of land, while another scan delivered 5 greylag geese in flight. Added to the snipe from a couple of weeks back brings us to 81 or 111.98%. Stunning (unlike the birds)! Can more be added before the year is out? Who knows but we'll keep pushing. A quick look this morning indicated that the yellow-breasted buntings were still around.


  1. This is a total of almost Cap'n Haddock-esque proportions! And there's still two months of the year left to go! Are you sure you've been looking in previous years?

    Frankly outrageous! Expect a steward's enquiry and a site visit shortly...

  2. Is the site worth visiting? I suspect not, so a straight forward enquiry followed by a quick disqualification is in order.