Wednesday, 9 May 2018

May the migrants arrive

Having been the very temporary custodian of the much coveted golden mallard during it's long and sometimes dangerous migration to lowlands of Scotland, I'm now even more focussed on winning what must be the most prestigious award in the UK's ornithological community.  Better still my loving and most considerate spouse upon setting eyes on the fine piece of porcelain commented by saying... "you're not trying to win that piece of shite are you?..."  All the more reason to try and win it I do believe.

So on that note I've been bashing the patch.

No real quality birds so far, but five species of warbler to date and a few mildly bonus birds including stock dove (the first one since 2015), barnacle geese (yes three of them on the 8 May, first since 6 October 2016) and a few black-tailed godwits (last seen on 6 May 2016).

A good indicator species for how well the patch is doing was the first blue tit of the year on the 6 May (the day after my first whitethroat of the year), that's a whole 135 days earlier than in 2017.  evidence, if needed, of how this year's going pan out.

So for the totals.  81 species - 77.88%

Happy days



  1. My 'spouse' was rather taken by the mallard. Either that or she was being polite.