Sunday, 7 October 2018

Triple full fat

Been a bit slack, but when I noticed I could be top of the leaderboard I thought I might as well give an update for the year. So last year my only full-fat patch tick came in the form of a Hawfinch, but frankly this felt a bit cheap what with several million of them in the country.

This year however has seen three more (count 'em!) patch ticks. The first was a Great White Egret, also somewhat cheapened by there being gazillions in the south east, but it was still full fat so I ubered it from the studio where I was making yet another ground-breaking comedy series. I made it back in just over an hour and I don't think anyone missed me.

The "Big" bird of the year however was Black-tailed Godwit - I found this myself one morning and it turned me to jelly. Mega. I mean really mega, one confirmed record in the last 15 years of a flyover. This one paraded on the deck like a good 'un for over two hours. Ooof. Also happened to be #150 for the old patch so a bit of a landmark bird.

Finally a long talked-up bird that I predict we will get every year without fail and we never do, a Red-backed Shrike in the hawthorns. I was making a show in Switzerland when it turned up so it could have been a massive grip off, but luckily it stayed the next day and then the next 9 after that. Bloody loads of lame twitchers came visiting and had the temerity to try and talk to me. Anyway, seen YLG, Spotted and Pied flycatchers, Redstart, Sedgie and a jammed Green Sand flyover since then which puts me on a magnificent 97.59% with a good few bankers to come. Need another 4-5 to get to 100%, though, so it will be touch and go.

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  1. Nice work there. We'll need to get out of the studio and put in some effort now. We've spent too much much time on tour in September, first cycling 500 km up mountains in Spain with Seppy, then pointlessly walking 500 km in Shetland with Bushveld & Seppy.