Friday, 20 May 2011

Marginally less mediocre

Managed to scrape up a whimbrel yesterday evening. Actually, this was an assist, a birding friend heard it while I was blethering on the phone, and I managed to see it as it flew north past the 'Sloppy Black Dykes'. No, not an over-sentimental lesbian of Afro-Caribbean origin, but the local name for a stretch of the coast.

We had an awkward moment after that, when I admitted to my pal that I didn't notice a white rump on the whimbrel. Not did he. All too late to do anything about, so we'll just cast a veil over that one I think.

Also flushed a couple of grey partridges, which is just as well, because I was feeling guilty about my record from earlier in the year, which I was considering de-ticking on the grounds that it was probably a pheasant.


  1. all sounding a bit dodgy there hadders - you sure you don't need a steward's enquiry?

  2. Why not, I've bribed all the stewards anyway