Monday 16 May 2022

Another patch tick....

 Yes indeedy, and one I was very happy to twitch yesterday morning, as it was a fine 6-year or so breakback on Senor Old Spoons who'd slipped 3 (presumably the same birds, natch) past me one October when I was away for work. Yesterday he was away for work too so it all kind of evens out...

Blurred and on the huh, yesterday

Anyway, the three (count 'em) tree sparrows were a most welcome addition to my Galley list - happy days!

Monday 9 May 2022

Spring Seawatching

 The wind has gone south-west and blustery so think that might be spring done with? We shall see. Anyway, conditions looked good for a skua-laden seawatch this am, but alas it proved not to be. Did manage to bang in 2 bonxies and an arctic skua but that was it on the skua front. Cashed in storm petrel, a couple of sooty shearwaters and two common terns too, which I don't think I saw last year, so a bit of a bonus there. Just about worth a total soaking!