Tuesday 31 December 2013


Bloody keepy backs... left looking longingly at the podium again.

Well done Reg.

Well done Reg...

Thankfully this is the last day of 2013… and what an utter shite year it has been.

It started badly with one of my main birding footpaths being ploughed meant my regular patch walk with the dog was ruined and means the only way to get around the main patch sites is rather unsatisfactory by car.  This dampened any enthusiasm for working the patch which following the spring petered out to a totally couldn't be arsed feeling.  Not helped by the 'ol bill pulling in the goodies week in week out topped by the brown shrike which was a fantastic find.

So the end of a disappointing year I managed a meagre 145 species and 93.19%.

And a big Congratulation to Reg   a superb year for him and a superb list of excellent finds.

Well done Reg….

last day on patch

Had a crap seawatch off Galley late morning but failed to do better than a fairly blue fulmar.

Elsewhere, Royzah has declared on 96.5% - a reasonable effort considering he's dead.

Bushveld is threatening to update the blog but in case he doesn't, he's finished on 92.0% - disappointing after winning the snowy owl last year.

Reg is still winning. Both trophies. No-one has done that before. The Bollix.

Still a chance of a change on the 3rd podium position, with Kevin Costner done but as yet undeclared - we'll have to wait till after 5.30 pm apparently...

Meanwhile Derek Nimmo is out scouring Wanstead in the rain for a bullfinch, or a redpoll or an american robin. Or else he's gone to the pub. Sauce.

Tune in later to see how it all turned out!


Just to up the 2014 target figure for no benefit in terms of 2013 rankings, an Iceland Gull appeared out of the post-dusk darkness at Blackdog a couple days back. So, unless today produces a deluge, looks like I'm stuck at 7th on 127 species (=98.45%).

The good news is that a similar total next year would give me 100.5%, having finally shaken off the burden of a high-scoring year just prior to joining this esteemed contest (the original and the best as a marketing person might say).


Monday 30 December 2013

Patch thrashing yields a little something...

A rare opportunity to really thrash the patch this afternoon left me tired and frustrated, and then BOOM! A little grebe surfaced on the back section of the lake as I was about to give up and head home.

Outstanding! That takes me to 106.67% for the year, leapfrogging me into third spot... and onto the podium. It all hangs on tomorrow!

Thursday 26 December 2013

It's all to play for...

Tree Sparrow finally crept onto the 2013 year list. Now on 126 for the year (=97.67%). Only need another 16 more species, or 7 more than the previous best Blackdog year, to take that Golden Mallard next week.

It's all to play for....


Tuesday 24 December 2013

Chatty man and owl action.

Just when you think its all over, and are starting to ponder next year's patch challenge, along come two year ticks in a row.

 First up was a male stonechat -- my first on patch since the big freeze of winter 2009, then driving back after an emergency Christmas beer run to Skibbereen this evening a long eared owl flew across the road in front on the car.

 Puts me on 105.45%, just shy of a podium place with a week to go. Game (still) on!

Ton up

A nice Glauc the other brought up the 100% but that's probably it for this year.

Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a bird-filled 2014!

Sunday 8 December 2013


I've seen some reed buntings, which puts me in second place, but still trailing way behind Reg. Well done Reg....

Monday 2 December 2013

news from reg

so reg has seen some twite. this puts him even further ahead. great!