Da Rools

Here is how the whole thing works...

The percentage thing - The percentage total is based on a rolling average from the previous three years.  It should be calculated to two decimal places. For new entrants, if they're a runaway winner, then the rest of us will simply invoke rule number 5 - "you can't beat all the rest of us on yer 1st try, moan, whinge, complain, it's not fair etc etc"

The size thing - the patch should be approx 2km in area - it doesn't have to be a regular shape, but should fit in an area of 2km2 - this is a highly contentious issue, and there have been previous investigations into the size of folk's patches - there have also been allegations of "floating boundaries" too, which I've personally only had to use once to get a coal tit "in", but that was ages ago, and I've seen them since right in the patch (i'd never normally stoop so low!) Prob best to firmly rebuff any serious questioning of your patch boundaries, but I'm sure your inner conscience will stop it getting too big.

the in or out thing - as long as you or the bird are within (or over - if its a bird) the patch, then it goes on the list. This was recently tested in the EU courts during the Galley Head Pintail investigation, however, the bottom line is, if its positively id'd (heard only is fine) and you can see it from de patch, then its ok.

the celebrity moniker thing - every competitor must have a celebrity alter-ego.

so thats about it, easy really! Oh yeah, the prize for best total is the golden mallard (worth £50 on ebay honest!) and the porcelain snowy owl for the best patch find, which is normally an unrigged public vote.

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