Monday 30 August 2021

Annual update

It has been a busy month, lots of shows to record. I've spent a bit of time in Fife - lots of comedians up there - and on my return to the big smoke I've been on fire. Literally smokin' - added Tree Pipit and Cuckoo on the patch after the 9 hour drive home, the following weekend a Garganey and a Raven (4th and 3rd for the patch respectively), and then yesterday a Great White Egret (probably under 10, though increasing) and finally Pied Flycatcher (annual but always utter bastards) all of which takes me to 122 species, or in real money, 108.28%. 

This is actually my highest ever patch total, beating last year's 121. Who says COVID is a bad thing? There are four months to go but only one 'gimme' in the shape of Bramblingfinch. Well, maybe Bullfinch but I'd have to loiter in undesirable places for one of those so it might have to go begging.

108.28% is also top of the leaderboard, so how 'bout we all just call it a day. Mrs Nimmo did mention that she was missing the Mallard, so there's a challenge for me. If Shaky could just stay at home for the autumn please?

Friday 27 August 2021

More from the Don

 Yes indeedy. In a rare burst of birding activity, I have some proof of life images of some of the wild, outlandish claims that have been emanating from the Don of late....

First up is a roseate tern - worth noting that this was actually found by T2006, not Royzah.

A roseate tern yesterday

And secondly, a fine blak tern which was apparently found by Royzah but he never sees blak terns so this can't be true...

A blak tern also yesterday

Hopefully thats the last Don-based excitement for a while....

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Pied Fly!

 First Pied Fly on patch for 8 years! Even got some ropey pics to celebrate...

Thursday 19 August 2021

Royzah's Rearguard Action

 Yes indeedy folks, miracles do happen and there have even been some birds on the Don. News from Big Royzah (for it was he) confirms that there has been manx and sooty shearwater, arctic tern, bonxie, whimbrel, short-eared owl and even an actual mig in the form of spotted flycatcher in his very garden.

To add insult to injury, Royzah sent a further missive this very morning proclaiming that he has gleaned a further three (count 'em) year ticks today, with tufted duck, pintail and a frankly outrageous little ringed plover! Of course, it turned out after some routine questioning that the LRP was actually found by none other than the estranged nano-bot T2006 yesterday, which was good news. [Ed's note - Still waiting for an updated digital printout from our shiny metal friend to ascertain what he's claiming to be on for 2021...]

All to play for then, Happily Royzah still needs another 27 species to close the gap on the leaders....

Late news - annoyingly, shakey is claiming an osprey over his ever-expanding patch yesterday, so Royzah probly needs 28 more species now.....

Thursday 12 August 2021

Here we go at last

 There's been precious little seawatching weather since the start of July, and what little there has been was last week when I was away. So I had little choice but to drag myself up to Galley for a early morning session this am, and although quiet, it was worth it for a few year ticks.

Best of the bunch were 8 (count 'em) great shearwaters, while 32 sooty shearwaters, 8 storm petrels and 2 arctic terns were also new for the year. Thought I'd gleaned arctic skua too, but I'd already seen that back in the spring apparently.

So, onto 80% at last - and hopefully things will start to pick up a bit now that we're finally into the autumn....

Wednesday 4 August 2021


There were no patch ticks in July! which I think is the first time that I've not managed to get a patch tick during a whole month.

not so happy days.