Thursday 18 August 2022


 Alas, that would be 99 species not 99%.

been a while since I posted any news from Longhaven, largely because there hasn't been much to talk about.

May was steady with 19 species new for the month, which is about average.  Although lacking any migrants, the month did produce the only full-fat patch tick of the year, in the form of good looking hooded crow.  A species that is remarkably scarce along the coast of Aberdeenshire and this bird didn't hang around.  This lifted my spirits and my all time patch total to 169.  Luckily Seppy scored some tree sparrows which are much more worthy of the black scoter.

June can only be described as awful, A month that is always full of hope only delivered a common swift.

July produced a handful of wader species on the Notsogreat pool before it dried out but hopefully some rain this month might return it to its former glory in time for some September rares... er like a ruff would be nice.

This month I've ventured into doing a bit of seawtaching... I've been out twice and scored some nice Manxies and Arctic skua but alas the hoped for large shears haven't materialised... yet.

The patch bird drought continues but it's now autumn mig time and all we need is a sniff of some easterlies and Bushveld will be a happy man.

99 species = 82.50% only 21 more needed for a 100.

Happy days