Tuesday 19 October 2021

A boni's and a blackpoll on patch

 Yes indeedy - its seems Galley truly is an unstoppable force this year in terms of rares! Hot on the heels of the previous large slices of luck, I stumbled into an adult winter bonaparte's gull down on the beach last week, whilst out with the Hound of Destiny. This is almost certainly the same individual that netted me Old Snowy last September. Exhibit A, taken in the fog a couple of mornings later...

A bonaparte's gull, yesterday

And as if that wasn't enough, the following sunday I banged into a blackpoll warbler, while trying to score a ybw

Not a yellow browed warbler!

Quite a surprise to say the least! Luckily I think most folk who came saw it, but it could disappear for ages at a time. It stayed a couple of days and then wasn't seen again. The first record for Galley I think.