Tuesday 18 September 2018

Flycatching up...

While galavanting aimlessly around the UK, Seppy found time to check the blog, and took great glee in sending me a message to say I'd slipped off the podium.

Which prompted some frantic checking of spreadsheets and updating of same. Luckily the addition of some glaring omissions on the sheet, like swift, coot, spotted flycatcher and long-eared owl (heard, but they all count right) sidles me back into second place. Phew!

Monday 3 September 2018

Royzah's bangin them in

Yes indeedy - the phone is almost red-hot with all of Royzah's news as he lugs his unwieldy frame around the Donmouth, perspiring profusely as he picks off the year ticks..

In just the last couple of weeks alone he has added bonxie, greasy grebe, arctic skua, little gull, a near-mythical black tern, little egret, garden warbler, whinchat, a fackin barred warbler and to top it all, two (count 'em) buff-breasted sandpipers, flying south past the Don. Feck knows what they really were, but they must have been something new for the year I suppose.

Its all go on the Don these days!