Thursday 25 August 2016

lamey patch

its been a pretty lamey start to the autumn round here, with the seawatching generally being a bit too sporadic for my liking. Specially as I missed the really good day when Old Spoons strung had 2 (count 'em) of those fea's-types go by.

Anyhoo, bits and bobs have been added - great & cory's shearwaters, little gull, but generally its not been that hectic.

Still, we're limping towards september so that has to be a good thing!

Buzzin' buzzards

Well, it's been dead quiet on patch for the summer. Possibly on account of me being away on holidays and spending most of my time down the beach and generally not getting off my arse and checking regularly.

Since my last missive here in mid May I did manage to add swift to the tally (TFFT) but that was all until this week when, to my surprise a couple of buzzards started hanging around on patch.

I had two single birds high over the house at different times earlier in the week, then a pair soaring together the day before yesterday and another single bird yesterday.

YAY! Check out that patch buzzard action!

This may seem lame to UK patchers -- but you can feck right off because buzzards are still scarce enough in this neck of the woods. Would be cool if they decide to stick around. 

Cool for raptor conservation of course... but with the fringe benefit that a previously tricky year-tick becomes practically "nailed on".

All of which shenanigans inches me up to a respectable 95.77%.