Monday, 30 March 2015

Oooh migrants! Bet they wish they'd stayed in the sunshine

Weather on patch has been piss poor, as has the mood, truth be told.

No birds about -- although a lone singing chiff a couple of weeks back from a sparse little copse at the back end of the patch hinted at a smattering of movement... a suggestion perhaps, that other migrants might be on the way. Not long after that a flyover yellowhammer was a welcome boost after a relatively lengthy year-tick-free patch -- good bird here, only ever seen passing through.

Then on Saturday I spied my first swallow, swiftly followed by two (count 'em) sand martians! So it's officially -- spring has most certainly sprung!

More importantly it puts me back on top of the leaderboard on 74.12%. Which is nice....

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rarest of them all

Blackdog's rarest bird of the year this afternoon with the first patch Red-legged Partridge in at least eight years (when records to hand go back to). They used to be a little more regular before that when I believe there was a release site at Menie dunes, a few miles north, but Trump was clearly set on cutting off the supply and sabotaging the Blackdog year list. Whose pocket is he in for this?

Anyway, good to see a comeback, with this bird clearly seeking out its familiar natural habitat of fences and chicken wire.

Score update to follow soon....


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I'm n ot dead yet!

After having a year out last year, the Haddock is back. I also want to quash any malicious rumours that Cap'n Haddock is dead, taken up stamp collecting or holed up in a never-ending sex orgy. Or all three.

For those on the watch for these things, I haven't counted last year's total either (I did keep a tally although it wasn't my worst year, and I did find a female surfie too, which is quite good for here given I only ever get fly-by scoters).

Nothing special here so far, although it's nice to see the seabirds returning and skylarks back on patch.

Monday, 9 March 2015

bit of a grouse

No blue robins here, and no new species, so just a photo of a grouse: