Sunday 7 February 2021

Too much too soon? (or Have we shot our wad?)

Perhaps its due to the pandemic and spending more time on my patch rather than going elsewhere to actually see some birds but the start of 2021 has been unprecedented in comparison to previous years. A whopping 67 species have already been seen including one patch tick in the form of a brief visit by a passing redshank (to feed on the one square metre of open water on the frozen flooded fields). Not really any other highlights though a few uncommon species such as brambling, coot and kingfisher have been nice to see. Peregrines are becoming regular and oddly my patch seems (according to recent Bird Reports) the best place in West Lothian to see them. 

Snowy is rightly concerned that we may have peaked far too soon and have well and truly shot our wad. We shall see over the next few months. At least at the moment we are keeping ahead of the Proclaimers on their rival birdless agricultural wasteland.

Monday 1 February 2021

one month in

 Following three years of record breaking totals my patch average has increased by a whopping 12 species compared to what it was three years ago, making the reclaiming of the mallard a near impossible challenge.

Having said that, the year has started better than ever with a grand total of 44 species (36.67%) recorded on my, almost daily, dog walks.   No real bonus birds, but wintering jack snipe are always welcomed and saves waiting until September.  A mistle thrush on the 19th and snow bunting on the 23rd are probably the best of the bunch and the only two species which haven't been annual.  Everything else has been as expected, including being in last position which is the norm for this time of year.  Luckily still 11 months to go to try and catch up.

Happy Days.