Tuesday 18 April 2023

Night 'Ron

 Yes indeedy - its good to be back on patch! After an extended holiday in the tropics, I'm finally back, blundering around Galley, trying to catch up with missing year ticks. A bit better in terms of migrants yesterday (in that there actually were some), with wheatear, willow warbler, house martin all secured for the year.

Best was to come in the afternoon, when I noticed a small heron/owl type bird circling round and then dropping in front of the neighbours house. A quick re-location and lo - a cracking adult night heron in the wee stream flowing out of the lake - full fat patch tickage too! Old Spoons was quickly dispatched avec his lens, thusly....

A night heron, yesterday (C. Cronin)


Thursday 6 April 2023

No March Madness

 A fairly typical March for the patch, no great shakes, no big surprises.

Although a total of 14 new birds for the month is the highest March tally since records began and the total for the year being 59 species (49.04%) is exactly the same as the same time last year.

Bird of the Month was a corn bunting seen on the 2 March and the first one since May 2021.

Happy Days