Monday 6 February 2023

Patch Gentrification

 How the times change.  

Ten years I've been working the Longhaven Patch.  At the time it was largely fallow fields, hooching with larks and pipits.   Alas the fallow fields are now cereal crops and the larks have long gone. But still the patch has remained largely undisturbed, with few visitors and my birding areas rarely if ever visited by anybody other than me  

But now... what have they done?  They're bunged in a whole load of footpaths all over my old 'paths' and labelled them all, in the hope of encouraging people to walk all over my patch....

But... Look how nice they are (or will be), they are very nice and wide and smooth.  They've also very thoughtful scattered around the whole patch some nice comfortable birding benches.  Ideal for scoping over the notsogreat pool.

As for the birds, this year has started quiet.  The years always do start quiet but this year particularly so. With just 24 species (19.95%) by the end of the month.  The lowest and slowest start since records began and absolutely nothing of note.

Happy Days