Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rumper run

A quite ridiculous run of Red-rumped Swallows here (3 in the space of a week) finally included one that I managed to see on patch and a contender for best find too. After garden-ticking Rough-legged Buzzard in April (my first locally for 10 years) one appeared on patch today too, as did a Red Kite. Tree Pipit, Turtle Dove and Nightingale have also fallen recently.

On the down side I've only got 6 bankers left for the year(!) and not that many 50/50s. A quick calculation suggests that something in the region of 107-108% could be on - which, looking at previous years winners, could put me in contention

1 comment:

  1. Ooof! ya bugger! No luck for me with de rumper here yesterday - single observer record for just a few seconds! Technically off-patch, but had it played ball would prob have been getable from de patch - what mite have been!