Thursday, 5 May 2011

Seawatching bonanza

Some of the best spring seawatching for years has seen me add a plethora of species, a number of which are far from annual e.g. first Arctic Tern since 2009, first GN Diver and Greenshank since 2008, first Slavonian Grebe since 2004, and some notable others e.g. Arctic and Great Skuas, Eider and Little Gull. Also had Hobby and Osprey in off the sea. Little on the land though did add Raven (at last), Corn Bunt and twitched a Garden Warbler this evening. All of which puts me on a quite ridiculous 93.93% and at my highest at this stage since 2006. Beginning to think that maybe it might be my year


  1. how much? 93 fekin per cent? Its only early May for fecks sake! Janey Mackers, I won't be on 93% till October or thereabouts! I demand a recount!

  2. Jeez, you could give up doing the patch for a few months. Mind you, there can't be much more left for you to see.