Monday, 15 August 2011

Brief update

Work and holiday commitments have limited recent 'dogging opportunities. However a trip out to show my better half butterflies on Sunday afternoon brought the first two year ticks for a while: Cuckoo and Merlin. The Cuckoo, a smart juvenile, was just my third here although second autumn bird in two years. On first glance in flight, I thought it was a Merlin. And then a little while later, seeing the Merlin, I assumed at first it was the Cuckoo again - it wasn't.

The Black Scoter remains, always tantalisingly too far offshore for descent photos. This was the best effort from Saturday:

And, among those butterflies, some strange goings-on between a Grayling and a Dark-green Frit...

108 species puts me on 87.33%

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