Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Can you count....yes you can

Way back at the beginning of the year I posed a hypothetical question of whether you could count a white-tailed eagle. If lets say one flew past my house. which it now has. A fine immature flying past the house earlier this month is definitely on the list. If its the same returning one that Reg got earlier in the year it is now a good bit older and therefore now tickable... isn't it. anyway I didn't see any tags and a fine patch tick it is.

So aside from that and a treecreeper earlier this week which is good bonus bird for around here there's been nothing much to shout about. Pity as I still have 19 species to get to hit the 100% mark.

At the moment a pitiful 88.32% puts me some way off the leaders board but the 19 species I'm going to get this weekend should help me out.

Happy days


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