Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thanks to a new lease of life, emanating from FIFAs own version of Alan Hansen, I can now declare that  an Iceland gull and a little auk at the weekend send me on to 121 species, or a staggeringly average 97.97%

Not much time to add anything else, and not many available options either.....although there is a dead seal in Nigg bay that I'm hoping will attract an Ivory gull. I still need Merlin (not seen one of them on patch for a couple of years now, and if a barnacle goose was to wonder past that would do nicely too. Barny is usually the second easiest goose to get, so not to get one in a year with 6 goose species is, well, errrrr, whats happened.

Merry christmas to all fantabulosans, old and new.

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