Monday, 30 April 2012

Breaking News - Golden Mallard turns up in Haddockland

It would seem that the Post Office, or perhaps the said recipient of the Golden Mallard Award was totally bamboozled by a package addressed to Shakin' Stevens at his home address, and returned to Cap'n Haddock marked 'Not known at this address or not collected', some two months after posting!

Should I try and send it again?


  1. FFS! The whole thing could have been lost! hope you insured it? I'll get onto Shakey and get him to unglue his letter box - prob sick of his neighbours posting turds through it - well, you'd have to, wouldn't you? if ya lived next door to a shakey 80's throw-back twat with an old piano behind his green door?

  2. Well thank god it is safe, that is all I can say. Spouses and partners everywhere are no doubt in shock at how close they came.

  3. I'm so glad I put my return address on there cos I only insured it for a million quid. The thing that disturbs me is that my postie knew that a package addressed to Cap'n Haddock was for me.

    Are you reading this Shakey? Any advice on how to get this behind your green door-a?

  4. I've been using a pseudonym around these parts to avoid the all very unpleasant turd-posting incidents, so you might be best to address it to:
    Ian Roberts, 16 Lynton Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6DB
    Not quite sure what else to suggest. Its perch keenly awaits it