Saturday, 28 April 2012


Well after best part of two weeks away carrying out investigations into whether there is any truth in Captain Haddock's suggestion that Heerman;s Gulls are finer than Med Gulls, I returned today looking forward to a run of migrant additions. There was standard fayre in the form of Swallow, Sand Martin, Willow Warbler and Wheatear but far nicer were a couple of fine Rouzel-douzels on the Rifle Range:

And then - big bonus, when adding up my scores on the big spreadsheet of Satto's stats, I noticed no fewer than five more species that I had omitted to add in recent weeks. The joy was like finding a forgotten £20 note in a pair of jeans that have been in the wash pile for a few months.

Now 84 species (= 66.67%)



  1. Replies
    1. Ta DP, get that white flecking around the face (was same on both sides). I've found one other pic online that looks much the same.

  2. get off it! white flecking on the face? thats clearly a bad paintjob on a blackbird that is! Sorry but its orf yer list!

  3. And your verdict on whether Heerman's beats Med?

    1. A tough call. Heerman's (adult anyway) probably wins on beauty but Meds are just all round fab birds. Rare enough to be noteworthy but not so rare as to be a pipe-dream, straightforward enough to be able to identify but no so distinctive that any Tom, Dick & Harry can pick them out, and with an pleasing array of plumages, each with their own subtle appeal. And I'd back Med Gull in a fight against a Heerman's too!

  4. Wrong two - it is about whether ross's gull beats Pallas' gull. The former takes it in my opinion.

    Perhaps Seppy could stick a poll on this site - it would all be honest and all that as there is no know history of gull related corruption here, at all, ever.