Thursday, 31 May 2012

Collieston Springtime score

Finally got round to adding up...added Bushvelds Cuckoo...nice one, and finally got the Garganey on patch. Also caught up with a lively Collared Dove.

Worth noting the continued local Little Gull "influx" with a count of 9 1st years in front of the Waulkmill hide and 2 on Meikle at the weekend. Some late evenings at Meikle there has been the spectacular sight of up to 8 Little Gulls mixed in with many BH Gulls hawking over the loch.

Total 122, or 77.05%



  1. Nice. There has been a wee influx of little gulls in Lothian too (but not to my patch). One of the best gulls I reckon.

    And on the subject of cuckoos, I had one about 1.5 miles from my batch boundary today (although I was not in my patch at the time). However, I reckon that if I had a sensitive microphone, and put an amplifier next to the cuckoo, I would be able to hear it on my patch. Seppy's turtle doves give such a precedent for this type of thing that I think i may as well just count it because I know it will work.

  2. 'fraid not mate! However, if you had a decent scope and cranked up the zoom I'm sure you could glimpse it hopping around with de local meadow pipits - its only 1.5 miles away mate - big bird, small distance and all that!