Monday, 7 May 2012

Just thought i'd pop in...

...and say hello.

Formalities first, I'm on 93 species/72.32%.

It's been a strange but ultimately rewarding spring so far. Strange in that until very recently, lots of things that are usually common have been in pretty short supply. Phylloscs are down by about a half, sand martins have been none existent until this weekend, and until the Nor'westerners started moving through, wheatears were thin on the ground too.

That hasn't stopped the more interesting stuff though, with a couple of rouzels, common and black redstart, and wryneck being good spring birds. Lots of airgrab enducing patch ubergank as well, like collared dove, rook, shelduck etc...

One thing I wasnt expecting was a swan goose/greylag hybrid on a seawatch. Surely counts as two species. I think the circumstances are excellent for the swan goose bit to be wild too.

I hope to be round more often, especially as as of next week I will start working on patch. No stopping me now, and all that jazz.



  1. you got a new job in that egg roll van at last then? you'll be eating into their profits, literally!

  2. Nope, but there is a new burger van on site. Trialled it at the weekend and it passed with flying colours. Double cheeseburger and chip ya bas! Makes it hard to control the nockies when you're carrying all that alongside yer Iran bru, sachets of sauce, crunchie etc.

    Not quite sure what Iran bru is! Sounds dangerous!