Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blackdog year-list Mired in Escape Scandel Shock!

Here, far from leaky collections at Pensthorpe or Edinburgh Zoo (you had the Scarlet Ibis on yer patch yet, Proclaimers?) the Blackdog list has been nothing if not pure (excepting a Fife White-tailed Eagle, ahem). This knackered Guillemot was certainly not questioning the credentials of the Peregrine that was helping it to perform a merry jig and some fine breakdance moves.


So imagine my incredulity when the Peg allowed a close approach and revealed a bloody blue falconer's ring. I mean - it wasn't even a dodgy Gyr-like hybrid or something. Surely they just grab wild Peregrines from nests don't they? And it throws the whole year list into turmoil. Is this the same bird I've seen a hunting along the beach a handful of times these last few weeks? Do I need to do some list cleansing? And what about all those dodgy scoter - should I have checked those more closely for rings?

Whinchat and Turnstone (if you can believe their credentials) in last couple of weeks bring the now plastic-polluted list to 109 species (=86.51%).


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