Monday, 10 September 2012

Flex those Pecs

After the ol' bill scored heavily last week with a couple pecs on the patch the birds duly settled in a puddle in the middle of a field just outside the patch.

or so I thought....

Having seen the two pecs yesterday  and, for good measure, found a third one with them I checked out the patch boundaries.  Dusting off an old OS map it was clear that the birds were actually miles inside (well about 100 yards at least) and therefore eminently tickable.  Full Fat Patch Tick.  Sorted.

 I also found a G-spot today so things are looking up.

137 for the year and 88.39%.

well off the pace but who cares

Happy days indeed.



  1. Anytime you can find a G-spot, thinks are definitely looking up.

  2. Certainly are. Quite a rarity around here.