Monday, 29 October 2012

Still here. Just

I managed to snatch a few hours to get out on the patch this weekend and last. Managed two full fat patch ticks in the process: an adult little gull flew past last weekend on a seawatch, and on Saturday a very interesting barred warbler. I have to admit I was flumoxed by it, because it was incredibly pale and sandy-coloured. I couldn't see any grey hints to its mantle and coverts and fairly uniform in colour. The fact that I considered an unstreaked accro and you get the idea. It wasn't especially big either - tree sparrow rather than house sparrow sized. And I couldn't see any barring on it - mainly cos its under-tail coverts were damp. It was only because I managed to see a bit of barring on the upper tail coverts that I could clinch it. Even the super and the wing bar and wing panel were really faint. Anyone know anything about the eastern race of barred? merzbacheri I believe.

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  1. Hi Andy
    Eastern race is supposed I think to be sandier/ paler, less barred as well. Don't think size difference comes into it. Sounds interesting...would have liked to see it!