Monday, 18 March 2013

Triple crown

We took advantage of a brief dry spell yesterday afternoon to do Boghall, and were rewarded with a fine peregrine and then a flock of snow buntings in the snow at the back of Caerketton.  Second record of Snobs from the patch, and a fine find for us inland boys. Pleased with that haul we went home to work on some new songs, but better was to come when we looked out of the recording studio window and saw a cracking male goosander haul itself out of the burn that goes through the garden, waddle across the bridge and sit down on the path. It decided that the garden was not suitable for nesting pretty quick though, before we could get any photos. Shame, but a cracking patch and garden tick. 3 new for the year means 75.67%. Bring it!


  1. feck off out of that! Goosander on the garden list? You sure it wasn't a gammy muscovy duck or summat? Any shots?? FFS!

  2. Goosander on the garden list, using the garder rather than fleeing ow'er. I have a witness too. Nae photos as it fecked aff before i could get the camera. Mighty record though.
    Topped by Patch work challanger David Douglas who scored GWTeal and WT Eagle on the Tay on the same day. Jammy.