Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New breeding site?

Enjoyed a very pleasant walk around the patch on Sunday and scored two species I never saw at all last year: lapwing (displaying) and tystie. Also saw my first wheatears and an 'on-time' whitethroat on the patch. During the week, I saw my first Manxies flying north.

The tysties were interesting because, while watching from the Muckle Shore in my patch, I saw the tell-tale signs that a bird was showing interest in a bit of coast slightly north of my patch, but out of sight. So I walked around the to a place where I could see a nice piece of cliff and bingo, there was a perfect tystie, sitting on a ledge, squeaking away. Although this is a perfectly suitable spot for them, I believe it is the first time they have been known to attempt to breed away from their regular spot 10 miles south. I shall keep a careful eye on them.

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