Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer madness

While not up to the standard of the recent run of UK rares, my garden had its own spell of summer madness on Monday evening. And since my garden is the start of my patch, they all count. First up was a ghostly barn owl floating past at the back of the garden – not a patch tick but new for the year and a quality bird. But headline spot goes to a twee wee wee night flying common sandpiper that flew over within 10 minutes. Oddly, this was predicted as a possible species by Seppy a couple of years ago. Way to go Seppy, and since you predicted quail and common sand correctly, perhaps you would like to make a few more predictions for the coming seasons. Cracking patching for sure, all from the comfort of my own decking. 95.95%, approaching the ton.

The Proclaimers (hot)

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