Thursday, 26 September 2013

back home & back in the groove

After a very successful few days on Shetland, with several members of the Golden Mallard contest, it was back home to Galley and easterly winds! A pied flycatcher at Shite Lane yesterday was new, while today's kwality came in the form of a wryneck  and a juv red-backed shrike. Have a pic...

PS Just realised I forgot to tick common tern from the other day - 4th place beckons!


  1. Taking a few minutes off from our tour we tried to follow the Shetland link, only to be told:
    Access Denied. The web resource has been deemed by your administrator to be unsafe or unsuitable for you to access.

    What were you lads doing with the Golden mallard to deserve this ban?

  2. er it was all Shakey's fault!