Monday, 2 September 2013

Nearly there

Quick update from Wanstead, where between rehearsals for my latest hit show I've managed to eek out both Spotted and Pied Flycatcher, Tree Pipit, and completely jam a Green Sandpiper. I'm aiming, I'm told, for 111.33 species for 100%. Clearly I can't see a third of a species, so I need a quick rule check. I'm on 98.81%, but would be on 99.10% if I can eliminate the third. Seppy, that icon of fair play, that bastion of parity, that tower of reasonableness, what say you?



  1. what you talkin about, Willis? Crazy Fool! I ain't goin on no plane!

    Obviously you may not ever be on exactly 100% in any given year, however, you will either be below the 100% barrier or you will be above it - however, it matters not WHEN you cross the barrier, but how far beyond it you go, and there's still plenty of the year to go - 4 months FFS! So don't be getting carried away with yourself!

    Bloody celebrities! Sheesh!