Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Migs at Longhaven!

Full of hope and excited anticipation, I visited the patch this morning.  Dreaming of G.S. Cuckoos, early Alpine swifts or the regions first serin.  It was all going to be there in this yet undiscovered gem in N.E. Scotland.

Nor was I disappointed with two fine migrant song thrush in the coastal gorse bushes.  Awesome.

So that's nearly six whole weeks of working the new patch.  Patch ticks every time.   Although not quite living up to expectation the best patch bird being short-eared owl (which have been few and far between this winter, with none at Cotehill).  So a good bird for the year and plenty more to come.

Scores on the doors:  49 species, 37.69%.

Happy days


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