Monday, 24 November 2014

Its not all beer & dancing you know

Quick update from the lads in the field in the Gambia - Royzah gleaned 85 ticks on his first full day out there, the fat tart that he is!

All the other contenders (T2006, Shakey & Reg Hollis) playing it too cool to divulge their off-patch tickage.

Interrogations have also revealed that Shakey has added woodlark recently (wonder what that really was? The Girdle Bird pers comm) and has moved to 2nd place ahead of Statto and Nimmo & his squashed fingers.

So thats all the news so far

A bientot


  1. Girdleness woodlark? There never was such a thing. We know because we weren't there.

  2. or was there? Guess you'll never know the truth! Tit-looet!