Monday, 2 February 2015

Spoons and splitting hares.

It's been a while since we reported goings on on Boghall. Mainly because we have been touring in Myanmar (ie Burma). The venue turned into a mud bath (well, it was a massive estuary), but we were playing to tens of thousands of waders every day. Black wits, sandplovers, broad billed sands, long toes stints, red necked stints etc. With the odd spoon billed sandpiper cheering us on from the royal box. We noted a fair few nice leaf warblers out there too, including some kwality 2-barred greenish action. But none of this counts to the Golden mallard. But what does matter to him is the collared dove, wagtails, and pink feeted geese that I've added to the patch list. Big numbers of meadow pipits (a change from the recent red throateds) moving about too. But nothing to rival my find of the year so far - a mountain hare which is the first I've ever seen on my patch, and the first in the broader area for 30 odd years. 46 species or 61.61%

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