Saturday, 5 December 2015

Fowl ref!

Wigeon to be exact... one male all on his lonesome on the back end of the lake a couple of weeks back now. I waited before posting this in the vain hope that I might have something else to add... but alas no.

Which puts me on 102.35%... and still, astonishingly, in the lead... waiting for the end-of-year surge from the chasing pack to knock me off the podium.

Other news...? Well, got to hook up with the American Bittern before Seppy. It's always entertaining watching him squirm as he realises he may actually dip. Alas the bittern was still there the following day, giving itself up.

Oh well... you can't win 'em all ;-).

Anywho... cracking bird. Here's a little phone-scoped video... just in case you're not sick of looking at it :-).


  1. the only reason you managed to see the feckin bittern was cos I hounded you into making an effort to get there! Twat!

  2. great muzak intro on the video tho, in fairness!