Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Been away a while...

It has been an interesting few months, but being in the UK, Greenland and Canada does not add much to the patch list. My return to Singapore has neatly coincided with a burst of autumnal bird activity and the list has been ticking over nicely. 

Among the recent additions has been red-rumped swallow, Pacific (aka fork-tailed) swift and a Siberian blue robin (female or immature). After last year, when the patch was brand new and I had no idea quite what to expect, patterns are beginning to emerge and while the Siberian blue robin was still exciting, it was in one of the spots where I had seen the species last year. Bit like the Bonelli's warbler?!

Off patch, white wagtail has perhaps been the highlight albeit not quite as high as I might have hoped. But apparently the earliest autumn record by about a month. And looming on the horizon is my first Singapore pelagic in a little over a week from now...


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