Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Yes indeedy - as I headed from the house to the office mid-morning I glanced at the lake and spotted a schwan. Better check it I thought, though its bound to be another mute. And sure enuff it was....

A whopper schwan on the lake
Woohoo! Cue Krazy scenes, jubilation, air punches etc etc. After snapping a few pics for verification purposes, the obliging creature whooped a couple of times before taking to the air, circling round and heading southwards towards Old Spoons gaff - a quick phone call to alert him and bingo - the brent goose debt was paid off!

Still owe him for that bluetail though...

One step nearer the mallard...


  1. ...which never migrates prior to April/May in case of a late frost.

  2. in fairness you got it well early this year!