Sunday, 12 February 2017

Mediterranean weather

Horizontal snow is not what comes to mind when we think of the Mediterranean. Neither do images of soggy fields covered in freshly spread muck. So what was going through the minds of the two mediterranean gulls that were sat on Boghall on the 11th? Not that we cared as, after 8 years of checking gull flocks in winter on Boghall we had finally found this white winged wonder. Probably the last patch in this challenge to do so too. The partying went on right up until England ran over for that last try against Wales.

[Edit by Seppy - I requested photographic evidence to support this highly contentious record, but have to admit that the resulting image more than substantiates it. Well done to all concerned!]



  1. Fair play lads - a cracking patch tick & you managed to Remind Basil Faulty that Wales lost narrowly to England. Top marks!

  2. See white primaries on them there gulls.