Monday, 17 July 2017

The Proclaimers on tour

Had the pleasure of the Proclaimers in Wesht Cork for a few days last week - they were over doing some random patch invigilation to ensure that all Wesht Cork participants were playing by the rules.

A good time was had by all, although Craig (or was it Charlie?) fairly got stuck in to the sause on a quietish Galley seawatch...

Things took a turn for the worse when Charlie (or was it Craig?) started looking at ducks on the lake...

No ducks please, its July
All too soon the tour was over, however, its rumoured that a certain dead tap-dancer may be making the rounds next...


  1. Just checking up on you lads as I know what you can be like. I was particularly impressed by Basil's catering (as pictured), and the novel use of the quick access flap in the camera bag to extract tinnies. And the subsequent session at the Faulty Towers bar.
    Thanks for making it a great trip. I hope Roy has as good a time.

  2. any time mate, any time! me casa - su casa innit. You could pop in for a nice cup of tea & a cory's next time you is transiting thru Shannon en route for Hawaii