Thursday, 3 May 2018

Trophy handover

As part of the long migration south, I managed to arrange the logistics so that Bushveld could collect the Golden Mallard from Royzah, in order that we could make the presentation to the Proclaimers in person today.

Here is Bushveld (left) doing his best to wrestle the Mallard from Royzah's pudgy gin-soaked fists.

Royzah puts up a fight for the Mallard

As luck would have it, despite pinpoint logistical perserverance, both the proccies had buggered off for lunch so we had to just leave the trophy on their studio sound desk. They probly just didn't want any publicity. They sent a subsequent photo of it settling in.

Worth 50 Quid on Ebay
Not since Nimmo's victory have I seen such terrible disrespect for this much-coveted trophy

They won't have it long anyway...

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