Friday, 11 February 2011

Wader mayhem

Managed a sneaky widweek visit down Blackdog way yesterday. Never seen so many waders in my life - not at Blackdog anyway. Best was a mobile flock of 16 Grey Plovers, 150 Dunlin and 5 Knot. All year ticks. Have only ever seen one and two of Grey Plover before and only about every other year or so. Don't know off hand what previous high Dunlin count was but I'm guessing this may double it. Was there some almighty snenanigans on the Ythan to push them my way?

A handful of staple stuff last weekend too and I am propelled into a top half of the table position. Getting vertigo even writing about it.

By the way - had no qualms last autumn adding a 2-month-out-of-cage Sea Eagle to the list. Will I get drummed out of the league for indescent behaviour or are such indiscretions positively celebrated?



  1. Hmm... have you heard the snow goose story?

  2. I was gonna chastise Statto for his shocking behaviour but i guess thats a fair point! At the risk of reopening old wounds, I'll briefly recount the tale in a post....

  3. 16 Grey Plovers sounds like a typical count for the Ythan, so I guess someone was up to some shenanigans at the mouth there.

  4. Well in true Statto-style, I can confirm that the 16 Grey Plovers exceeds the highest count in NE Scotland in 2009 and 2007 and matches the highest in 2008. 2006 was the last year with a bigger count.

  5. You heard it here first, kids!